Bridal Etoll Making

Derya Baykal and I shared the model of bridal etoll production, which was published in Smile program. If you would like to make a very stylish bridal etoll, here you are.


thin fantasy rope double fold
4.5 crochet

The pattern is installed on 180 chains. Getting started 3 chain + 1 chain, 1 chain jumping from the bottom trabzan, 2 chains, 1 trabzan to the same slot. Set up as V, 1 trabzan by jumping 1 chain and 1 chain from the bottom again.

From the beginning to the end, 12. Start marking the trabzans with a rope.

Work as a trabzan in the V on the right and left by counting the middle marked place in the second row.

In third place, from the beginning to the end, to the sixth. Apply the same process to the trabzana. So go through the V’s on your left and right with 1 trabz. In the meantime, continue the narrowing of the arm as 4 trabzans.

In the fourth place, zoom in on both collapses to 3 trabsans.

In the fifth row, collect this side-by-side trabzan in one pull.

In the sixth row, the pattern will be re-established. The 3-packed group will be working on the trabza with 1 trabzan and continue with them in the places of V’s.

In seventh place, where the arm is for, the reduction will be applied once more.

In tenth place, the pattern will be replaced again.

In the eleventh place, shoulder pliers will be studied.

From the arm mark to the middle 6. From V, there will be 5 trabzans again.

From the thirteenth row, there will be no chains there.

Fifteenth row last place.

V 44 set up in starting order again.

When we’re in the 15th row, the V will be 28.

12 on the left and right. Sign the trabzana.

Over this sign, 2 times in a row, 2 times each, and the motif is reduced.

Also, once in front of the right and left fronts, 1 time on the right and left shoulders, 1 v motif is reduced.

A total of 16 V will be reduced. In the last three ranks, trabzan and V will not work in the chains between them.

44-16=28 motifs and the 1st century A.D. the queue will be run in the full lap half trabzan.

Gelin Etolu Yapımı 1

Gelin Etolu Yapımı 2

Gelin Etolu Yapımı 3

Gelin Etolu Yapımı 4

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