Brave releases new browser from beta version

Software company Braveis releasing Brave 1.0, an open source free browser, from the beta version. Let’s note that the beta version of the browser has reached 8 million users, but will be available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS with the official launch of the platform. In addition, brave, a founding partnership of Brendan Eich, former CEO of Mozilla,who developed Firefox, received a $4.5 million investment in 2016.

Brave prioritizes security by automatically blocking third-party ads, viewers, and autoplay videos. It is possible to say that this is the most important point of the users recently. Therefore, you don’t need to enter your settings to provide more privacy. But you can adjust these settings according to your own.

Today, several browsers are taking steps to block viewers and ads. In most cases, however, these settings need to be limited or activated. Firefox started blocking some viewers by default earlier this year. Safari, on the other hand, has begun to allow you to regularly check viewers and limit their time to 24 hours, while blocking almost all third-party viewers from sites you don’t frequently visit.

Microsoft Edge is testing a feature that only blocks some viewers by default, which is expected to be activated on January 15th. Google announced in May that it plans to launch some trackblock ing tools, but does not plan to drastically block cookies and has not yet used them. Instead, the company said, by default, is waiting for a way to block certain “classifications” of cookies in Chrome, which could be activated next February.

Brave’s only feature isn’t his emphasis on secrecy. Users will be able to support their favorite publishers and creators by enabling Brave Rewardsand the integrated Brave wallet on both desktop and mobile devices. This feature accepts recurring monthly payments to support more than 300,000 verified websites, including creators on The Washington Post, The Guardian, and Wikipedia or YouTube at the time users browse directly.

Brave Ads,part of Brave Rewards, allows users to view privacy ads. When users want to join Brave Rewards, Brave Ads is enabled by default. Ad matching occurs directly on the user’s device, so it is possible to see rewarding ads without mass oversight of the data that is never sent to anyone.

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