Brass Knit Children’s Sweater Construction Stage-Narrated

The construction of a children’s sweater with the pirin knitting model is gradually described here. How about making a sweater to keep the kids warm on cold winter days?

You know, the winter months have come and the weather’s getting colder. And when you go out, you have to wear it tight. Especially when you have to dress the kids tight. They’re supposed to wear something warm so they don’t get cold and sick in this weather. Knitting can also make clothes that keep children warm.

By making sweaters, sweaters, scarves, berets and booties, you make clothes that you can dress outside and inside. So the children will stay warm and not get sick with these braids. With soft braids, your children can even play snowballs. You can enjoy the snowball with the beret scarf and glove set you will make them.

Come now to make our sweater model. This sweater model shared on the Elaydi_knitting page is knitted with brass knitting technique. Straight knitting, reverse knitting, harosha knitting and double brass knitting techniques are among the techniques used. Those who know these knitting techniques can knit the sweater.

For the numbers of knitting sweaters from 2/3 years, 3.5 nr skewers, 2 swallow baby one snowballs, color nr. k633… Make it easy.

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