Both Easy and Stylish Chain Wrap Model and Construction

For the cool ladies, here’s the cool shawl model. whether it’s a shawl or a neck brace. Hello to all of you with both easy and stylish chain shawl model and construction.

Even if you’re crocheting on your hand for the first time, it’s a very stylish shawl model with only chains and frequent needles that you’ll feel like you’ve been knitting for years.

You can knit the model as a shawl if you like, or as a neck brace if you like. Color color, you can knit or you can knit with solid ropes.

It’s a beautiful gift that you can knit as a gift to your partner, your friend, your loved ones, and make them happy.

The shawl you throw on your shoulder on cold winter days and knitted with the chain shawl model will be an indispensable part of your outerwear.

You can watch the detailed video of the construction of the raft below, the youtube video prepared by the workshop hobby. Thank you to them for their beautiful narration.

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