Boston Dynamics robots will be available later this year

We’ve transferred Boston Dynamics and its robots to you many times in recent times. The company has robots that can carry things, flip and run, and has been performing body shows for years with the robots it has developed. Today, Boston Dynamicsannounced that it will start selling the robots it produces.

Boston Dynamics announced that it would start selling its robots, but did not share details. In short, no information has been shared about exactly when the robots will be available and what their price will be. However, according to the information that has emerged, the robots are expected to be available in 2019.

Boston Dynamics’ first four-legged, dog-like robot SpotMiniwill be mass-produced and will begin its sale. As a reminder, in a statement last April, Boston Dynamics CEO Marc Raibertannounced plans to produce 100 robots throughout the year and will begin production in May.

Raibert told The Vergethat they had previously considered mass-producing the SpotMini model and then put it up for sale because they had reached the necessary resources when it was acquired by SoftBank in 2017. they also said they had given up on the decision.

There have been reports before that Boston Dynamics is going to launch its robots. But we never saw robots go on sale. This time, Boston Dynamics robots can really be available. Another news that confirms this is that the company has acquired a logistics company called Kinema Systems to automate its warehouses. We will continue to provide you with information about SpotMini and other Boston Dynamics robots.

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