Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot impresses viewers with new video

Boston Dynamics, which has so far stunned viewers with videos from SpotMini and the Atlas robot, manages to surprise viewers with new videos uploaded to the YouTube channel. The company, which uploaded a new video of the Atlas robot yesterday, highlighted the robot’s progress compared to last year.

In the uploaded video, the Atlas robot moves as if it were in a gym, initially spinning 360 degrees around itself after getting up and somersaulting. Atlas also did not neglect to jump into the air and spread his legs to one side amid somersaults.

In the atlas video, which was last uploaded in October last year, the robot spooked viewers by jumping 40cm high obstacles in one step. Let’s just say that those who watch this video may feel like they live in the Battlestar Galactica universe.

In the meantime, it is worth noting that Atlas, which is expected to be used in the defense industry, has an audience that is concerned about keeping people safe on the battlefield or in the cities. According to his statements, robot weapons have the potential to accidentally lead to the death of the masses.

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