Booty Construction with Dowry Motif

Before the age of wedding dresses, the girls begin to prepare the girls’ mothers for dowry. At least that’s how it used to be. Now that everything is ready, there are almost no hand-crafted laces, tablecloths, writings. However, on top of all this, knitting paths for both grooms and brides continues. Especially dowry booty construction is still one of the most sought-after topics.

We’ve been briefed on him in our previous writings. We are now adding the bridal pad model to our content, which we enrich edited with different examples. The booty construction with the dowry motif we are talking about here is very useful not only for brides but also for mothers-in-law and bride mothers. Because it’s customary to knit a path. You can see videos of various dowry booty construction in different sizes and colors in the continuation of our article.

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