Bombed Knit Vest Model

It’s a bombed-out knitting model that’s very, very good for baby braids. The article we shared contains information about the model of a bombed knitted vest.

A vest model shared by Zeliha Uysal in the knitting group ladies’ special group. Although I don’t know the exact name of the vest model, I wrote it in the title because it was called a bombed knitting model. No one has fully explained the construction of this knitting model. But Ms. Zeliha tried to explain as much as she could. For example, those who want to videowatch the construction of the unfortunately we will not be able to help at this time. But when we get to his video, I’ll share it with you here.

Below you can find information about knitting. If you know more about this model, you can share it with our visitors in the comments section.

Friends, for example, I don’t know his name, so I got it out of here, for example, tell me the recipe… Increase one straight knit one 4 straight knit three nodes together. A 4dm one increase continues to be a flat increase. As for the pink harosha, the front to the harosha is made straight from the back, so it’s bombarded.

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