BluTV’s Hakan: Rivals to the Guard?

BluTV,one of Turkey’s leading online streaming platforms, introduced its new series Alef,starring Kenan Imirzalioglu, Ahmet Mumtaz Taylan and Melisa Sozen. In the director’s chair, The Alef, where the award-winning director Emin Alper,known for his films Blockade and The Top Of The Hill, will sit in the bosphorus, two detectives trying to solve the mystery of the various murders that emerged after the discovery of a body in the Bosphorus It’s about his story.

Let’s talk in detail about BluTV’s new crime series.

Carrying traces of Ottoman and Islamic history, the series brought together the actors for their first promotional shoot slated for the first publicity, and the young and ambitious detective Kemal (Kenan Imirzalioglu) and his experienced partner Settar (Ahmet Mumtaz Taylan), a mysterious murder in Istanbul He’s going to go after a series of murders. Yasar (Melisa Sozen), a professor at a university, will join the duo, who are completely opposite both in their personal lives and with their approach to events. The team will also open up a mystery that’s been hidden for centuries with every piece of evidence they find while trying to solve the murders.

As it bears traces of Ottoman and Islamic history, the description of Alef, who brought the Guardian to ephesus as “a mystical crime”, was also described as “Hakan from BluTV: Does it rival the Guardian?” Brings. However, when we look at both the cast and the name in the director’s chair, we can say that the 8-part Alef will be a remarkable production like many BluTV content.

Finally, let’s remind you that we have to wait until 2020 to watch BluTV’s new series Alef.

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