BluTV’s Behzat Ç. spin-off: Respect

We first toldyou last April that the legendary Behzat Ç. series will return with BluTV. The new season of Behzat Ç. which met with the audience on July 25 will be very popular with BluTV audiences, which was approved last September for the second season of the series on BluTV.

Today, we are here with a new news that is of great interest to blutv and Behzat Ç. fans. According to shared information, BluTV announced that it will release a new series, the spin-off project of Behzat Ç. Produced by inter Media, the series “Respect” will tell the story of Ercument Solver, the phenomenal antihero of Behzat Ç. series.

In the first half of 2020, just like the new season of Behzat Ç. will be broadcast on BluTV, the series RESPECT – ‘A Ercument Solver Series’will consist of 8 episodes. The series stars Nejat, who gave life to the same character in the series Behzat Ç.

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