Black Sea Region Towel Headscarf Writing Edge Needle Point Models

Here are the needle point models from the Black Sea region. Writing edges made with needle point, tulle edges, towel edges and more…

We are here with the needle points made by the Black Sea ladies. We have gathered the writing edges, towel edges and tulle edges that we have chosen belonging to the Black Sea region for you. The Black Sea needle point models we share are made only by Black Sea ladies.

We shared the handicrafts done by the ladies living in the provinces in the Black Sea region one by one below. You can take a look at the great examples made by examining the needle points we have shared with you.

Now, we have included needle work made by the ladies living in some provinces in the Black Sea region. You can check them all out below.

The needle points the Bolulu ladies made. The towel edge below and the writing looks how screeve it looks, right?

Bolu iğne oyası havlu kenarı

Bolu iğne oyası yazma örneği

In the following models, they are the votes made by the ladies of Giresun. The needle votes made by the ladies of Giresun also look great.

Giresun iğne oyası yazma

The towel edges made by the ladies of the Black Sea region. Needle point towels, which are indispensable in dowry bundles, have been beautiful in the hands of Black Sea women.

Karadeniz iğne oyası havlu kenarları

Karadeniz iğne oyası modeli

However, what the women of the Army have done. The following manuscripts are local manuscripts. These writings look great when decorated with needle point.

Ordu iğne oyası yazma modelleri

Rize iğne oyası havlu kenarı danteli

Let’s take a look at the needle work that the Rizeli ladies made. The following models are dazzling.

Rize iğne oyası örneği

Rize iğne oyası yazma modeli

It’s time for Samsun, one of the most beautiful provinces of the Black Sea. The beaded vote below and the magnificent specimen underneath belong to the ladies of Samsun.

Samsun boncuklu iğne oyası

Samsun yöresel iğne oyası

One of the provinces that comes to mind when the Black Sea is called Trabzon. The votes made by the ladies of Trabzon are also dazzling.

Trabzon iğne oyaları

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