Beret With Leaf Motif

Would you like to make a beret with a leaf motif to protect yourself from the cold? For those who want to make berets, we have shared the recipe for our site.

I started 80 stitches. With a hidden increase at the end of the tyre, you can increase one of the 6 stitches more or less. I calculated 8 stitches between 10 sheets, the name of the model is a very simple and fast-paced mode.l You could adjust the size of the leaf yourself. Easy to come, ladies, the size of the hat may vary depending on the rope and the loose or frequency of your hand work.

It was described by our friend who made the model beret. He used a number 3.5 skewer in his construction. The name is not shared because the rope comes from abroad. If you say you’re going to knit a beret, you can buy a rope from the weirdos.

we share narrative berets on the page. As the knitting season opened, berets began to be knitted. One of the berets that we want to knit the most is the model we share above. You can zoom in and look at the pictures.

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