Baby Vest Construction with Bonbon Candy Knitting Model

In skewer weaves, our next model is making baby vests with bonbon candy knitting model. It’s time to make baby vests that look so tiny.

We’ve shared a similar model in the past. In this model, we shared the adaptation of bonbon sugar mesh model to the vest. In this article you will learn how to make the bonbon sugar knitting model that is more suited.

Bonbon Şekeri Örgü Bebek Yeleği

So far, we’ve shared dozens of knitting techniques for those who have trouble finding models when knitting baby vests. For use in vests, we have included the construction of baby vests, sometimes crochet, sometimes with skewer work. Every model we shared was also very popular. Now it’s time to make a vest model made with bonbon sugar knitting model.

Nako Luxury Minnoş rope was used for the construction of bonbon candy knitted vests. More than one wool rope is used. As skewers, the number 3.5 is normal and the skewer is used. Knitting the vest begins with 55 stitches. This video contains detailed details of the baby vest knitted with the bonbon sugar knitting model.

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