Baby Knit Vest Models and Constructions

Babies always sweat when it’s cold and hot. The best clothes we can use to keep them from getting cold are baby vests. The best of baby vest models that babies of all ages can wear until they grow up and grow big are the knitting ones. It keeps your own knitted fabric with natural rope much warmer than other synthetic fabricgars. It doesn’t sweat and doesn’t keep the baby’s body from getting air. For this reason, today we have prepared for you to make baby knitted vest models that you can make for your girls and boys of all ages. You can make these knitted vests by increasing the number of stitches for older babies.

Butterfly knitting model is one of the most preferred knitting models in making easy baby vest models. This knitting motif, which is easy to make, is preferred for knitting baby vests due to its soft structure. You can also use it in baby boy vest models. You can choose colors such as red and pink on baby girl vests, while you can choose shades of green, blue, light blue and yellow for baby boy vests. Try not to choose hairy wool yarns when knitting baby vests. Even in cool weather, these ropes cause babies to sweat and also make itchy.

In the video below you can see the easiest model of baby knitted vest. You can see the materials used for knitting in the video, how many rows there are, the number of stitches, where you were cut. Knitted baby vests, just like other vests, start with two rows of harosho or rubber, i.e. two inverted two flats. And in this vest, we make two rows of haroso first. Then we start creating motifs.

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