Atiye: Will Gobeklitepe, which changed history, be able to change the history of the Turkish series?

Netflix Turkey’s second original content Atiye, globally known as The Gift, will be available to all Netflix users on December 27. As the Webrazzi team, we had the opportunity to watch the first three episodes of the show and consider Atiye for you. As the Webrazzi editorial team, we made a video where we discussed our views. You can find our views on the first three episodes of the series both in the article and in the video.

Today’s series in our country continue to be the point of criticism of both producers and veterans due to their long time. Digital publishing breathes new life into this and presents the series to us in shorter periods than usual. As such, the taste of the show stays on our palate and becomes more understandable because what we watch is scarce and concise. Atiye, where Gobeklitepe, which has an important place in the history of the world, is designated as a set, has an important place at this point. So, will Gobeklitepe, which changed history, change the history of the Turkish series? Although the first three episodes we watched give us a clue, we have to wait until December 27th to get our answer clearly.

Ulukan in the eye:

First of all, let’s talk about the show in a little bit. In addition to Beren Saat,Atiye’s cast includes Mehmet Günsür, Metin Akdülger, Melisa Senolsun, Başak Koklükaya, Civan Canova and Tim Seyfi. Özge Bagdatlioglu and Jason Georgeare the chief executives of Atiye, which was implemented by OG Media; produced by Alex Sutherland. Written by Jason George and Nuran Evren Shit, ozan Opentan and Gönenç are sitting in the director’s chair. The series is based on sengul Boydaş’s book “The Awakening of the World” and sometimes we see different names in the script of the first three episodes.

In general, we’re not used to finding ourselves directly involved when watching a series, but Atiye is almost in the fifth grade. From the minute it’s a minute, it drags you into events, and the mystery elements of the show keep the viewer’s curiosity awake. I’ll try to talk about it without giving too much, almost no spoilers. Atiye is a young painter, and he has drawn a sign since he was a child, and no one knows what that sign is, but Atiye almost passes out when he draws it. One day, this sign appears in Göbeklitepe, and Atiye finds herself in mysterious events with a sense of relief. At this point, we need to do some character analysis.

I think the atiye character was given as it should, because it is not possible for a while to really understand what the character we think is “psychologically” distressed. “Iseverything really happening, or did he set it all up in character minds?” the question haunts the viewer. In three episodes, I still haven’t found the answer to that. From the moment I watched it, I started to come up with theories, but almost none of it was true. This is an important criterion for me, because predictability is something I don’t look for in the productions I generally watch. That’s why I liken Edit Atiye to another Netflix production, Dark. But I’m sorry to say he’s far, far behind. Although predictability is not possible in the focus, I can’t say the same for dialogue. We feel the Hollywood dialogue on the show, and at some point it gets annoying. As such, he may feel as if he is watching a “stereo of a hollywood movie with a set in Turkey”, but the subject manages to break this judgment.

It doesn’t surprise me that the subject is mystical. Because Netflix has previously chosen similar topics for Hakan: The Guardian, which has allowed the series to achieve significant success globally. Netflix wants the same thing for Atiye, because what we might call“the magic ofthe East” is at the center of the series. Hakan: Speaking of the Guardian, it can’t be compared to two productions. First of all, I can say that Atiye was much more successful than Hakan. Both the subject selection and the acting prove it. Hakan is nothing more than just an ordinary superhero movie, but Atiye is like a film that came back from the festival with an award. In addition, hakan’s episodes were not more than half an hour, while the three episodes of Atiye we watched were over 40 minutes. Which may seem like a simple comparison, but i think it’s an important criterion, since it sets the rate at which the viewer can keep it at the screen. However, both productions pass the class in terms of immersion and enter the content that can be completed from 1 day from the top ranks.

The show’s music selection has also been successful so far. Tense music in the thriller scenes, the appearance of Oriental melodies in the background during the images of Göbeklitepe even more connects the viewer to the screen. But I’d say the thriller scenes are all sloppy for me. If you like horror and thrillers like me and watch all kinds of it, you’ll know what I mean when you watch Atiye. Although the “mirror” is the most pressing factor in horror productions, no little of my life has ever played in similar scenes in Atiye. Although I didn’t expect any tension, so it doesn’t surprise me that it happened.

Finally, I’d like to briefly mention all the characters. Beren Saat as Atiye, I think he’s successfully getting out of the role. Beren Saat, which we are used to seeing neurotic state in the last periods of Love-ı Memnu, does not surprise us in this role. Mehmet Günsür, who we watched as archaeologist Erhan, as usual; art lover and women who somehow fall in love with him… I like metin Akdülger’s acting because I never know what the character will do, and it connects me more to the character of Ozan. I think Akdülger is successfully getting out of this role. Melissa Senolsun as Atiye’s brother Cansu is a frivolous character and reminds us of most of the people we see around us. He uses English all the time, and that’s the kind of guy we’re so used to, he doesn’t catch the viewer’s eye. Tim Seyfi as Serdar, Ozan’s father, is, as far as i’m concerned, the best actor on the show. Tim Seyfi, who we know actually speaks many languages, reveals all his prowess on the show. Atiye’s mother and father roles include Virgo Koklükaya and Civan Canova. The mother is a dominant character and is trying to manipulate Atiye according to her wishes. His father is a dull character to his mother, and we can’t see any weight in the first three episodes.

Consequently, Atiye keeps our curiosity awake in the first three episodes and feels that it is much more successful than the Guardian for now. We’re looking forward to the remaining five episodes.

Arden Papucchian:

In December of last year, we shared a lengthy review of Netflix’s first domestic original production, Hakan: Guardian. In May, we told you that the filming of Atiye, which will be the second original series of Netflix Turkey, has begun. Sharing the name of the series, completing the shoot, the release date is set, we finally reached the date of the show’s release.

Netflix’s second domestic original, Atiye (The Gift), will air on December 27, next Friday. We had the chance to watch the first three episodes of the series, which will consist of 8 episodes, as webrazzi team. In this article, we will focus on the first three episodes of Atiye. Don’t be afraid there won’t be any spoilers 🙂

Let’s start by stating that Netflix prefers a fantastic story again on Atiye, just like hakan: Guardian. The atiye series is based on the novel “Awakening of the World”, in which Şengül Boybas tells the mysterious story of Gobeklitepe. Add that the show looks more sedentary and quality compared to Netflix’s first native original production, Hakan: Guardian. In the first three episodes of the production, there is no scenario gap. The acting is much better than Hakan: Guardian. Of course, let’s add that this is directly proportional to the quality of the cast. The series stars Beren Saat, Mehmet Günsur, Metin Akdülger, Melisa Senolsun, Virgo Koklükaya, Civan Canova and Tim Seyfi.

If we take a closer look at the characters and the acting, Beren Saat plays a painter named Atiye, who also gave his name to the series. Let’s add that Beren Saat has performed overall well in the role of Atiye. Mehmet Günsür, who plays an archaeologist named Erhan, plays Mehmet Günsür as usual. “Whatexactly does that mean?” If you ask, Mehmet Günsür, in general, shows a similar character and acting performance in every production he plays. In short, every role played by Mehmet Günsür is very similar. But that doesn’t mean he’s had a bad acting performance.

Mehmet Günsür is very successfully accompanying Beren Saat. Metin Akdülger performed successfully as Ozan, the lover of the character Atiye. Melisa Şenolsun brings the sister of a character named Atiye to life. Add that cansu is a more cheerful and playful character than other characters. The reason I’m specifically stating this is because the tone of the show is quite dark. Cansu is almost the only cheerful and joking character of the show. Another important character in the series is Tim Seyfi, who is the father of ozan character, the mysterious businessman Serdar. It is not wrong to say that Tim Seyfi came to the fore in terms of acting performance in the first 3 episodes. Tim Seyfi, who speaks English, French, Turkish, German and Italian, uses this feature very successfully in the series. In addition to Turkish, we see that the character of Serdar speaks English, French, German and Italian all the time.

Hakan: Atiye, which has a darker tone than the guardian series, also raises the level of tension on the ground. Given its mystical and mysterious nature, the series is reminiscent of another Netflix series, Dark. But the show has less tension than Dark. The series focuses on Gobeklitepe and the mysterious story here. For those who love both fantasy and historical productions, the series is a successful alternative.

The show is using the mystery element quite successfully. The audience is really wondering what will happen in the next episode. Although it has clichés and predictable scenes, it is generally wrong to say that the show has a down-to-earth scenario.

Let’s add that the series has a more successful script than Hakan: Guardian as of the first 3 episodes. In the first three episodes of the series, just as in Hakan: Guardian, writers from abroad were also working. Hakan: The Guardian series is considered to be the apprenticeship of Netflix Turkey, and Atiye is a successful masterpiece. Hakan: The mistakes made in the series of guardians were learned and a more successful job was uncovered. Of course, let’s add that this review is in the first three episodes of the series. We’ll see what happens next on December 27th.

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