Astroscreen seeks to prevent social networks from damaging democracy

Today, social networks and technology companies approach their user bases as a database that can be marketed or manipulated, while technological initiatives that try to prevent this situation continue to expand their efforts. Fighting against malicious players such as london-based Astroscreen, these new technology initiatives bring about new areas of work.

Astroscreen, which has moved to prevent damage to democracy from Cambridge Analytica and similar companies, received a $1 million investment exactly four months ago. Astroscreen’ new job postings are remarkable as they try to grow and expand their team with the investment they have received.

Currently looking for candidates in many different positions, from social media manager to operations manager, the company is taking the workspaces of data engineers to a new level. Astroscreen is looking for data engineers to work on social media manipulation. According to the company’s job description, the engineers who will do this job will create new algorithms that will work with machine learning to detect social media manipulations.

Astroscreen wants to prevent artificial publicity, especially bots and fake accounts, false news and misleading content. At this point, it is worth noting that ali Tehrani, ceo of the company, has experience disposition in algorithms that can detect false news. He sold his company when it wasn’t so important to catch the news.

In addition to Tehrani, Juan Echeverria, who currently serves as the company’s CTO, has previously had his PhD at UCL on fake accounts on social networks. Echeverria came into the spotlight in 2017 when she discovered a botnet that manages 350,000 accounts on Twitter.

In the meantime, Astroscreen’s ideal of protecting democracy, as well as its efforts to protect brands from reputational attacks. The company will inform brands in cases where false news is widespread and artificial public opinion is created. Astroscreen will use techniques to detect coordinated movements, fingerprint the language used, and detect fake accounts and botnet seissions when providing this service to brands.

When we look back 10 years ago, we see that the title of social media manager is not official as a profession in our country. At the moment, the same social networking ecosystem continues to bring about new professions.

While social networks have become a part of everyone’s everyday life, we can clearly see in The Great Hack in the documentary The Great Hack of how the data we share as users harms us globally and directly affects our lives. Companies like Astroscreen do not provide users’ privacy and security exactly, but they move to protect us from massive manipulation moves.

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