Asquared, which sells more than 50,000 themes, becomes a partner of WordPress VIP

Asquared,founded in Istanbul and preparing WordPress themes, was one of the names added to WordPress VIP’s Featured Agency Partner program. Asquared was one of the 30 partners in the group and the first partner in WordPress’s MENA region.

Asquared operates as a WordPress platform serving international customers around the world. The company has more than 10 corporate customers globally, and Asquared has sold more than 50,000 themes to date. Using WordPress, the company creates award-winning digital platforms that are fast, flexible and scalable. Asquared also collaborates with Premium WordPress Themes brand Fuel Themes, which has reached more than 45,000 customers worldwide and recently joined woocommerce’s official store.

Asquared CEO Ant Ekşiler says they are excited to be selected in this partnership program with WordPress VIP as part of the growing corporate WordPress community. As an agency partner, WordPress adds that they are happy to offer this opportunity to better serve their customers with the support of VIP and other partners.

Asquared’s corporate services to date include Glamour, Playboy, Elle, Washington Press, Cosmopolitan.

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