Artists will be able to share Spotify Canvas on Instagram Stories

Last week, we shared with you that the popular music streaming platform Spotifyhas tested The Stories for phenomena. After the Stories feature, Spotify is facing a new feature. Artists on Spotify will now be able to share videos they create on Spotify Canvas directly in Instagram Stories.

Please note that the beta version of Spotify Canvas was released in the fall of last year. Canvas lets you replace the album cover, which appears when a song is playing, with a moving and visual experience playing in the form of a short loop. So far, Spotify users have as much distractions as those who prefer Canvas.


As of today, thousands of artists using the beta version of Canvas can share their cycle videos on Instagram with a single tap. One of the frequently used names in Canvas is Billie Eillish, who has recently won a Grammy Award. Ellish shares videos often produced by fans on Canvas. Thus, eillish enhances the interaction that strengthens the communication he has with his fans.

Spotify claims that using a high-quality Canvas increases song sharing by 200 percent, while also boosting music streaming, recording and profile visits statistics. It is possible to say that sharing canvas content on Instagram will have a significant positive impact on their interaction rates.

Spotify also notes that although it has recently come to the fore with its social features, it does not intend to be positioned as a social network. Spotify’s steps in this area; we can use it as making it easier for artists to promote themselves and their music on another platform.

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