Artificial intelligence-powered booking app activated for Google Duplex, iOS and Android devices

In October last year, we shared with you the news that Google Duplex,Google’s artificial intelligence-assisted booking app, has begun testing in 4 cities. Google Duplex is now active in the United States for devices on iOS and Android 5.0.

During the original demo of the Google I/O developer conferencelast May, Duplex’s system mimicked human speech, and it was strange that an Artificial Intelligence boat sounded like a human. Met. Those who were there also wondered if the show was a fake.

That day, Google Duplex managed to make both a restaurant reservation and a hairdresser’s appointment. The great thing about Google Duplex is that it can give the other person the impression that they’re talking to a real person, not an Artificial Intelligence. This, as it stands, raised some questions about the concept of ethics. However, with Google’s testing process, people’s curiosity has found a response.

Because the technology was released from the concept, Google added a message saying that the search that came from Google at the beginning of the search and explained why the search was conducted. It’s also designed to allow businesses to ask for these automated calls. Although Duplex can make other kinds of reservations, it is currently focusing on restaurant bookings. For restaurants that already use an online booking service that is partnered with Google, Google Assistant is working directly with Reserve with Google to confirm the booking.

Google Duplex can also be used to control business information. According to Google, this data will then be used to update business listing. Google Duplex’s capabilities are said to be further enhanced as the number of users increases.

This feature, which was originally only available on Google’s Pixel smartphones, will appeal to a wider audience in the future. However, google does not share any information about the timeline.

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