Arm and Collar Cut with Skewer Skewer silk with Besik-like Bridal Vest Construction

Skewer skewers and Beştepeli bride vest, as well as arm and collar cut shared. A woman’s vest, mother’s vest and bridal vests are an example.

We continue with vests made with skewer knitting. The making of the Besikli bridal vest, which Sevda madam described as video, is on our site with the sleeve and collar cut. The inevitable opportunity for those who want to make blind vests. It is a knitting model that can be made for many places where the recipe is shared in detail.

There are those of you who know the lady of love. He usually shares a vest video on his channel. And the vests she shares show the ladies how to do it and show everything from the arm and collar cut. The point of showing it in such detail is that everyone can do it. It shares more models and gives details so everyone can take advantage of the vest models.

The model of making a bridal vest with besiks is one of the most appreciated vests. This model is among the most watched from The Lady’s videos. In the first of the videos below, the vest is made and the second one displays the arm and collar. Whichever one you’re watching first, watch.

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