Apple’s suppliers tunnel to steal iPhone components

Leaking of highly anticipated technological products before the introduction of the technology industry has become a common occurrence. For nearly 6 years, information and design details about almost all major smartphone models or other technological products have been leaked.

A report shared today by The Information shows how Apple is trying to deal with these leaks. Apple’s first major leakscandal involved the iPhone 5C model. Apple, which established a new security unit inside the factory after the iPhone 5C was leaked before the design details were introduced, took the first step to prevent leaks.

The new Product Security Team (NPS) security unit is responsible for monitoring Apple’s suppliers and assembly partners in China. The security unit’s main goal is to find out how employees leak information about new devices and prevent them.

The iPhone 5C leak was made by an employee of Jabil,one of Apple’s suppliers. With the help of a security guard, the employee, who was able to pass through cameras and controls, leaked information about the iPhone 5C.

The shared report also mentions other leaks that the NPS security unit has blocked. For example, an employee was caught digging a tunnel to remove components related to a product to be introduced from the factory. Although the NPS security unit continues to work, the leaks remain a threat to both Apple and other technology companies.

As a reminder, there are still leaks every year about smartphones that Apple will introduce.  The design of the iPhone 11, which is expected to be unveiled in September, was recently leaked. Apple, as well as major companies such as Samsung, Google and Huawei have faced leakscandals over the years.

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