Apple’s Clips app moves on as it’s a real video app with new update

Apple’s Clips app, released in 2017, recently received a new update. Active only for iOS users, Clips is on track to an almost professional video app with its new update.

Let’s talk about what happened in the new Clips update. Undoubtedly the most notable aspect of the update is the ability to add songs created with GarageBand and other music apps directly to videos. The Clips user will then amateurishly film his first clip of his own song, which he created with the help of any music app.

Similar to the iMovie app, Clips includes built-in filters and stickers. The latest update also brings about innovations such as sharing clips-built projects over AirDrop or email, and saving them to files. The update also adds sharing extensions that allow you to install to other cloud services.

There’s also a VHS camera filter that makes your videos look like they were taken in the ’90s, and three new Live Titles. You can also find some titles based on your surroundings in the text format app when you allow location settings. Users can make the text they enter appear as fixed or animated text, or every word the user speaks can be shown on the screen.

The app also features eight new posters. The possibility of duplicating and renaming projects is also one of the features that came with the latest update. Although the Clips app is narrow compared to similar mobile video editing apps such as Adobe Premiere Rush CC, it is also easy to use compared to other apps mentioned.

Apple is also adding ClassKit support for users to upload video projects to teachers through the Schoolwork app.

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