Apple’s augmented reality goggles will be introduced in 2020!

News that Appleis working on an augmented reality solution has long occupied the technology agenda. Last September, an iOS developer named Steve Troughton-Smith found that according to information found in the Xcode 11 codes, Apple had developed an augmented reality headset and began testing it internally. We’ve transferred it.

In short, the claim put forward by renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, first known for his accurate predictions about Apple, was confirmed by the evidence found by Steve Troughton-Smith. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg today quoted Apple as revealing the augmented reality goggles it is working on in 2020.

Based on shared information, augmented reality goggles, which will work in sync with iPhone models, will project notifications to your iPhone on their screen. In short, with augmented reality goggles, you’ll be able to see incoming emails, messages, the map and many notifications on your glasses screen.

As a reminder, Apple offered a special App Store for apple TV and Apple Watch models. According to shared information, Apple will also offer the App Store for the augmented reality goggles it has developed. Another piece of information is that Apple has begun hiring experts to deliver successful graphics and mirroring technologies.

Add that apple’s augmented reality goggles, which will be unveiled in 2020, have not been shared with any information about the design, price and hardware features. We will continue to bring you the developments on the subject.

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