Apple works on Apple Watch models with ceramic and titanium case

Appleis working on new luxury models for the Apple Watch as it prepares to introduce new models with its event on September 10th. Apple will add two new luxury models to its Apple Watch family, according to information shared by iHelpBR.

According to images reached by iHelpBR, the Apple Watch Series 4 family will be added to two new models with ceramic and titanium enclosures. Let’s note that Apple has previously produced Apple Watch models with ceramic case holders. However, no ceramic models have been produced for the Apple Watch Series 4 family until now.

The ceramic case, originally available with the Apple Watch Series 2 family, was made in white. In the Apple Watch Series 3 family, both white and grey ceramic casemodels are available. There is no information on the color of the ceramic models that will be available for the Apple Watch Series 4 family.

Titanium, on the other hand, stands out as a material that Apple will use for the first time. Let’s also mention that the images reached by iHelpBR are images of animations that appear when the clocks are first set. The images show the ‘Designedby Apple in California‘ signature and the case boxes of Apple Watch models from which material they are made of.

The models, which will have both ceramic and titanium enclosures, will have 40 and 44 mm options. Let us also note that the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo,who made statements on the subject in the first months of the year, announced that Apple was working on a ceramic Apple Watch. Finally, let’s add that the new Apple Watch models will be introduced at the event, which will be held on September 10th.

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