Apple wants to standardize disposable password SMS

Apple’s dual-factor verification option is preferred by many users. The biggest plus of dual-factor verification is that, as you can imagine, create extra security. According to information shared today, Apple wants to make SMS OTP, i.e. disposable password, the new standard.

According to information shared on GitHub by engineers working on WebKit, one of the main components of Apple’s internet browser Safari, the company has begun work to make OTP SMS standard by simplifying the dual-factor verification option.

The system to be introduced by Apple has a fairly simple working logic. First of all, otp SMS can work with URLs. In order for this system to work, URLs must be added in SMS. The main purpose of the new system is to standardize dual-factor verification and OTP SMS so that internet browsers and mobile applications can detect SMS.

The web address and OTP, which is contained in the detected SMS, will be automatically detected and access to the platform will be provided. Apple’s main goal here is to make users more securely loginto platforms with the OTP, a disposable password model.

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