Apple unveils best apps and games for 2019

We’ve toldyou in recent weeks that Applewill hold a special event for mobile apps and games on December 2nd. Apple announces Best Apps and Games for 2019 and announces the strongest trends in guiding the app culture.

Underlining that developers from around the world are inspiring us all with innovative practices that will affect and change our lives, Phil Schiller,Apple’s Vice President of Global Marketing, also shared that they feel it more strongly in 2019.

Schiller also said that the winners of the App Store’sBest Apps and Games in 2019 reflected their desire for connectivity, creativity and fun around the world, and shared the excitement of such a wide variety of games and apps.

IPhone App of the Year Spectre Camera (Lux Optics): Powered by augmented reality, this app takes advantage of its fascinating technological features to allow everyone to take eye-catching photos with long exposures.

iPad App of the Year Flow by Moleskine (Moleskine):Meticulously designed to provide a true-to-true drawing experience with graphite pens, cut-edge felt pens and more, this elegant digital notebook app brings your drawings and sketches to life.

Mac App of the Year Affinity Publisher (Serif Labs): With an elegant user experience and highly affordable price, Affinity Publisher provides professional-level design opportunities for all materials prepared, from a book adorned with rich photographs to a brochure for your second-grade play.

Apple TV App of the Year The Explorers Network: This groundbreaking app is designed to support a community of explorers, scientists and artists working for the same purpose: creating a comprehensive “visual inventory” of nature with photos and videos.

Facilitating Storytelling In 2019, many apps with stronger and more personality features than ever before have helped us fill a blank page with our memories, dreams, pictures and voices. With apps like Anchor (Anchor FM), Unfold (Unfold Creative), Steller (Expedition Travel Advisor), Over (Over, Inc. and Wattpad Corp), everyone can express themselves more easily than ever by creating soulful podcasts, one-of-a-kind novels, and life-long photo collages that are close to reality.

IPhone Game of the Year Sky: Children of the Light (thatgamecompany):In this revolutionary social adventure, glide through the vast skies and help celestial bodies reach the sky again.

IPad Game of the Year Hyper Light Drifter (Abylight S.L.): Bringing a new interpretation of classic 16-bit adventure games, the dazzling, action-packed Hyper Light Drifter combines a dream-like journey of discovery with a struggle for survival.

Mac Game GRIS (Devolver / Nomada Studio)of the Year : An exciting digital artwork, this amazing puzzle/platform game discovers the hope, mourning and reunion of life after a tragic loss.

Apple TV Game of the Year Wonder Boy: The Dragon Trap (DotEmu): Developed by Lizardcube and series creator Ryuichi Nishizawa, the popular game of the ’80s, where a lonely hero with a half lizard embarks on a lifelong adventure, Wonder Boy takes on a whole new look with hand-drawn animations and redesigned original music.

Game Trend of 2019: Bringing A Breath of Fresh Air to The Most Popular Games This Year, developers from around the world have brought a wave of games to iOS that carries well-known brands around the world. Each of these games features innovative features with advanced technologies, bold design and unpredictable depth and quality on mobile devices. Mario Kart Tour (Nintendo), Minecraft Earth (Mojang), Pokémon Masters (DeNA Co), Assassin’s Creed Rebellion (Ubisoft), Gears POP! Popular games such as (Microsoft Corporation), The Elder Scrolls: Blades (Bethesda) and Call of Duty: Mobile (Activision Publishing) are not new versions based on popular games, but are original designs that breathe new life into the most popular games in game history.

Apple Arcade Game of the Year

Developed by Simogo and published by Annapurna Interactive, Sayonara Wild Hearts is a hopeful, spectacular and unique game that boosts the level of adrenaline and excitement. Speed 200 miles an hour to race motorcycles, make your sword speak, and break hearts.

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