Apple TV+ to be available in more than 100 countries on November 1

The details of Apple TV+were also announced at the Apple Special Event, which we conveyed to you with live blogging with the contributions of The Business Bank of Turkey.

Let’s say that since the summer, 3 content trailers have been released. In collaboration with notable actors such as Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Jason Momoa, Apple released the action-packed trailer for see, which is special for the event. Tim Cook, who said they were getting help from visually impaired people on See, said he loved the show and hoped the audience would love it. Let’s also remind you that the money spent on part of See is $15 million.

Apple TV+ will be launched on November 1, and the monthly membership fee is set at $4.99. Moreover, those who pay this fee will not have a single account, the whole family will be able to benefit from the Apple TV+ service. Apple also has a surprise for Apple TV+, which will be activated simultaneously in more than 100 countries, and someone buying Apple products will be able to use apple TV+ for free for 1 year. The service can be viewed with the help of the Apple TV app.

To date, we have shared many details about Apple TV+. We also reported in recent weeks that Apple has spent $6 billion on exclusive content in its digital broadcasting service. Because Apple is considering creating an original programming library to compete with more established companies such as Netflix. In fact, Apple’s budget is well below Netflix, which plans to spend $15 billion on original content this year. But more generous terms of payment help the tech giant win a deal in Hollywood.

However, it remains to be seen how Disney Plus, which is scheduled to be released soon, will affect Apple’s business.

As a result, a new digital broadcasting service is joined by us after November 1st and we look forward to the content.

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