Apple to offer $1m reward for hacking iPhone

Apple, one of the first technology companies that comes to mind when it comes to security, has announced a huge reward for cracking the iPhone, the smartphone model. According to shared information, the company will offer a $1 million reward to researchers who can hack the iPhone model.

Let’s add that the $1 million award is the largest ever promised by a technology company. Apple, which will distribute prizes between $100,000 and $1 million, has previously awarded no more than $200,000.

Apple, which aims to find vulnerabilities in its products with a reward program that will be open for all researchers next fall, has a reward program to be a fundamentally safer company. Of course, the rewards program in question does not only cover the iPhone.

Apple has also launched a bug reward program for Mac models, allowing vulnerabilities to be investigated for watchOS and tvOS operating systems. The announcement of the award program was made by Ivan Krstić, apple’s director of security engineering, who was a speaker at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas. Add.

Researchers who manage to hack the iPhone will receive a $1m reward, while researchers who can make network attacks that don’t require user interaction will receive $500,000. Finally, let’s note that the FBI managed to hack into the iPhone in 2016 without Apple’shelp.

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