Apple shelves project that supports sending and receiving messages without a network

Therewas talk that Apple had a project for iPhones that supports the reception and delivery of unnetworked messages. The project, which will allow users to send text messages to other iPhones via a 900MHz radio spectrum, has been shelved. In fact, this is not a surprising innovation, as the tech giant has decommissioned the Walkie Talkie feature for Apple Watches due to a vulnerability.

Apple and Intel were working together on technology that would integrate Intel chips into future iPhones before the project was cancelled, The Information reported. Apple reported a year ago that the project was made by Project OGRS, referring to patents called the Off Grid Radio Service (“OGRS”). It is worth noting that these skates explain the communication system from device to device.

Apple’s currently shelving project was a new wireless technology project that would allow people with iPhone to reach nearby friends in areas without cellular coverage, such as ski slopes or walks in remote areas. It’s possible. Accordingly, iPhones would work like a radio, but this would be based on sending messages, not based on conversation. Although it is not clear exactly why the potential feature was shelved, information was shared that the main name in the project had left the company.

The project, which we don’t think we’ll see for a while, may appear on iPhones that will be introduced in the future. Although the project has been put on hold, Apple’s effort shows that the company wants to reach a wider range of areas of how to use wireless technology to bring its products to the forefront. The company recently acquired Intel’s 5G modem for $1 billion. It is possible to say that Apple has significantly increased wireless investments with this. These investments will bring 2,200 new employees to Apple and gain wireless patents.

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