Apple shares governments’ requests to remove apps in transparency report

Apple, one of the first technology companies that comes to mind when it comes to security, has released a new transparency report. With the published report, Apple shared details about government demands for the first time, and sharedwith the public governments’ requests to remove apps from the AppStore.

According to the shared report, Apple received 80 requests from 11 countries to remove apps from the App Store. The 80 requests were made for a total of 634 applications. Please note that the report covers requests made between 1 July 2018 and 31 December 2018.

Apple did not disclose which apps were removed in a report they shared, but explained why the removed apps were removed. First of all, let’s say that the Chinese government has requested the abolition of a total of 517 applications. The Chinese government has made demands that the practices violate gambling and pornography laws.

The Governments of Vietnam and Austria have requested the removal of many applications for violations of gambling laws, while Kuwait has requested that some apps that do not comply with privacy laws demanded removal.

According to the shared report, other countries that have requested to remove the application are Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland. Apple announced about a year ago that government requests would be included in the transparency report.

Apple, who kept his promise after a year’s term and shared the demands made by governments in detail, said new details will be shared in the transparency report, which will be shared in 2020. Sharing details about the device data, Apple also said that they have received requests to access 29,183 device data for a total of 213,737 Apple devices worldwide.

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