Apple sells nearly 60 million AirPods in 2019

According to a report by Strategy Analytics, Applesold nearly 60 million AirPods wireless headphones in 2019. Strategy Analytics said Apple dominates the wireless headset and has a market share of more than 50 percent in terms of both sales and revenue. Samsung and Xiaomi lag behind Apple, even though they offer cheaper products.

Thanks to AirPods’ premium pricing, Apple not only dominated the market share, but also stood out for revenue for all wireless headphone sales. For Apple, which has not achieved as much success as it used to be, it is a significant improvement. Apple CEO Tim Cooksaid in an interview with nikkei Asian Review last month that they are not at the top of the smartphone issue.

However, Apple was expected to sell $4 billion worth of AirPodsin the last quarter of 2019, surpassing the highest iPod revenue. Although it lags behind this target, it is estimated that Apple will be able to sell up to 90 million AirPods by 2020. As a result, as iPhone sales fall, AirPods is expected to become important to Apple.

According to Apple’s 2019 financial report, iPhone sales fell 9 percent. This proves once again why AirPods should become important. However, it is undeniable that there is an uptick in the wireless headset industry. We look forward to seeing if future players will be able to change these balances.

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