Apple removes app from App Store to report Hong Kong police’s location

As tensions between China and the United States continue to rise, technology companies continue to be part of the tension. Apple, which was criticized by the Chinese press this week for including the Map app on the App Store, removed it from its platform., which was used by users living in Hong Kong and whose content was created by them, allowed the police to mark its location. HKmap, which serves as both an application and a web service, also showed the streets that were blocked during the protests in Hong Kong.

Apple rejected’s application to the App Store earlier this month, but changed its mind a few days later and accepted the application. Now, apple has completely given up on its decision, removed the app from its platform.

Apple’s statement on the subject was given the following statements: developers said in a statement that there is no evidence of the accusations made by the CSTCB(Hong Kong Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau). The app does not support criminal activities in any way, the added information, facebook, telegram, as well as the public created, he said.

Apple said in a statement that continues to be available on the App Store for,000 apps like Waze, while not mentioning what local laws it violates. Although the app has been removed from the App Store, the web version of is available to iPhone users.

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