Apple released a new mobile app for the software community

Apple today updated its WWDC app to keep developers aware of the WWDC event, positioning it as a new mobile app called Apple Developer for the developer community.

The app will include event news as well as important sources of design and technical issues, such as articles, videos, software news and updates. Add that the app is also being introduced as a new way for developers to enroll and continue their membership in the Apple Developer program.

The Apple software community, which has more than 23 million registered members and has more than 23 million registered members, has now been able to access resources through the Apple Developer app. However, we cannot say that all the titles on the website are currently included in the app. Although technical information and more than 600 videos have been accessed through the app, the Apple Developer Forums or App Accelerators, Design Labs and Developer Academies, which connect to Apple’s local Apple Developer program, are not accessible.

Let’s say apple developer consists of four main tabs: Discover, Videos, WWDC, and Account. Discovery provides developers’ information, news and updates, while videos in the WWDC app can be viewed in the Videos tab. WWDC is positioned as a tab for event participants. Let’s add that users can manage their accounts and memberships through the Account tab.

With this new app, Apple’s goal is to provide software developers with compelling content. Instead of including detailed long articles in the app, the company may opt for pill information that can be consumed through the mobile app. In addition, users can access the WWDC program via the WWDC tab to watch the sessions at the event. Renewal of memberships for the Apple Developer program will also be easier through the app.

It’s worth noting that the Apple Developer community has grown internationally in recent years, while members of the software community in Indonesia have increased by 60 percent, while the Apple Developer Academy community in Brazil has grown by 50 percent. The community of Apple’s first acceleration laboratory in India grew by 45 percent. Other communities that have grown this year include the United Kingdom with 40 percent, France with 30 percent, Italy with 28 percent and China with 17 percent.

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