Apple regains title of world’s most valuable company as share value rises

On Friday, Apple again became the world’s most valuable company on the basis of market capitalization. Microsoft, which has a market value of $1.063 trillion, surpassed the company, which reached $1.065 trillion as of 11:20 a.m. US time.

Microsoft was positioned as the company with the highest market value since April 25. At this point, microsoft’s first earnings per quarter on April 25 exceeded 1 trillion.

As we’ve reported in recent weeks, Wall Street analysts have indicated that already rising Apple stock will rise further in relation to iPhone sales. With this development, Microsoft shares were stripped on Friday, while the company’s share price fell 2.2 percent. Apple fell just 0.4 percent during the day.

With Apple back on top, the ranking of the world’s most valuable companies has changed. Brand consulting company Interbrand declared Apple the world’s most valuable brand in a report on Friday, placing Microsoft fourth in the rankings.

The 10 most valuable companies of 2019:

In creating this ranking, Interbrand’s brand strength, the value gained by the brand to the company and the brand’s plans are taken into account. It’s worth noting that Apple has managed to top Interbrand’s annual reports for seven consecutive years.

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