Apple offers employees free genetic testing

Apple’s employees in Silicon Valley will now be able to do genetic testing for free on campus. The company is partnering with Color Genomics for tests at the health clinic on Apple’s campus.

Please note that apple’s AC Wellnes health center provides on-campus health care to company employees and their families. Given that healthcare in the United States has significant costs, health care is also effective for talented candidates to choose to start at Apple.

Genetic testing, which is becoming increasingly popular around the world, allows you to identify genetically transmitted diseases and health problems. Color Genomics says that genetic testing will play an important role in preventing diseases, as 23andme has previously stated.

On the other hand, it’s worth noting that genetic testing is expensive, and when we look at the prices color offers on its site, a standard test is $300. Tests detect gene mutations in the person, revealing the risk of cancer or heart disease. The test results also provide information about the descendants and ancestors of the people.

At this point, the privacy of user data is also very important. However, Apple says employees will not be able to access genetic test results. Although the AC Wellness clinic is owned by Apple, the company has separated Apple and Apple subsidiaries to comply with health privacy laws. And clinic ideons don’t work under apple.

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