Apple Music opens replay list of the most personally listened songs to users

Last year, Apple Musicintroduced Apple Music Replay, which allows users to retrospectively examine which songs and albums they listen to each year through different playlists. This year, the Replay 2020, which was introduced last year and includes the most played songs you listen to on the Apple Music account, has been opened to users.

In fact, this feature has been available on Spotifyfor years. You’ll even remember, the summary lists released by Spotify at the end of this year upset Apple Music users. Although Spotify presented these lists to the user with a painstaking and beautiful design, Apple Music was inadequate. However, with the new list, we can see that Apple Music is now starting to take steps in this regard. Because Replay 2020 will be slightly different from the Spotify lists we’re used to.

Apple Music’s annual summary list will not be a playlist available to users only at the end of the year. The list will be updated every week. At this point, however, another list of Spotify,“On Repeat”,comes into play. This list of Spotify also brings together the 30 songs that one listens to most in certain periods into a single list. As far as we can tell, Apple Music will present two different lists of Spotify as a single list. It’s going to be a summary list and a list of the most listened songs.

As a Spotify user, I would like to point out that at this point. Even years have passed on Spotify’s year-end lists, it’s resting, because it’s not dynamic lists, and the person can listen to what he’s been listening to in the past without any change. However, if Apple Music’s list changes steadily, listeners may find it difficult to track the music it listens to annually. At this point, we can say that the company will bring a solution. Because when you want to be different from Spotify, leaving the user in the background can have the opposite effect.

The Apple Music Replay list can be found here.

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