Apple Music app for artists released from beta release, launched around the world

More than a year ago, Applelaunched the Apple Music app for Artists in beta. On Thursday, Apple released Apple Music forArtists, a free analytics tool, and made it available to the world globally. Let’s also mention that the company has added new features to the product in this process.

For Artists who have been using desktops only for a year, Apple Music is now available on iOS devices. The app lets musicians and their teams see how often a song is played, how many listeners they reach, and how many times they’ve been purchased on both web and iOS devices. In addition, the first week of a new song is compared to the first weeks of previous songs, and there is an insight section that is created to highlight remarkable data to increase the song’s popularity.

Apple also offers artists some data through Shazam, which it has acquired in recent years. The real idea here is to capture an artist or listener behavior, which is very different from searching for a particular song. The ability to see the average daily audience by country, city or song is one of the innovations that, along with Shazam, has come to Apple Music for Artists.

Plays from Playlists” with detailed information about playlists shows which playlists an artist’s songs are on, and better follow the album on the artist’s rest numbers with the weekly data he provides. it helps him to do it.

Let us remind that artists can subscribe to the platform via this address.

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