Apple may introduce a new Apple TV with A12 processor

Apple’s event on September 10 is a very limited time away. We’ve previously told apple’s apple watch, which is the latest iPhone models, what innovations Apple can introduce at its september 10th event.

According to information shared today, another apple product that will be introduced at the event will be the new member of the Apple TV family. According to macrumors shared today, Apple will introduce a new Apple TV model with an A12 processor next week.

Whether the new Apple TV model will use the A12 Bionic processor used in the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR models, or the A12X Bionic processor used in iPad Pro models there is no knowledge. Add that the latest member of the Apple TV family is the Apple TV 4K, which was introduced about 2 years ago.

As a reminder, the Apple TV 4K is powered by the A10X Fusion processor. Although there is no definitive information as to whether the new Apple TV model will be unveiled at the event, which will be held on September 10th, it will come as no surprise that Apple will introduce its new product at this event.

The event, to be held next week, is expected to share the latest information about Apple’s two major services. According to rumors, the Apple TV Plus service is expected to be available in November with a price tag of $10 and the Apple Arcade service with a price tag of $5.

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