Apple makes edits for podcast broadcasts, including new categories

Appleannounced in June that it would add new high-end categories for podcasts. The company announced late last night that it made it easier to find new podcasts in different categories and officially launched new categories. It’s possible to see new categories in the podcast app or iTunes at this time.

When you touch the top of that category to view a category, we see the best shows, new shows, and sub-categories. In some cases, it is possible to see additional episodes such as “discover more” and “long-running shows“. Finally, the best graphics can be displayed for the top categories. We can access these charts by visiting the top charts page in the Podcasts app and tapping the category button in the top right corner.

Apple’s revamped categories are:

Let us remind you that all departments have their own content. For example, if you’re in When you look at the title of training, it is possible to see sub-topics such as “How do I learn?”, “Courses” and “Learning a Foreign Language”.

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