Apple launches website against monopoly accusations

The European Union began an investigation into Apple about three weeks ago following Spotify’s complaint. The subject of the investigation is Apple’s monopoly policy and anti-competitive efforts through the App Store. Apple, which has updated the App Store’s websitedue to the accusations, shared detailed information about how it manages the App Store.

Sharing how it manages the App Store from A to Z, Apple provided information about how apps were identified and which business models were offered to developers. Let’s also underline that one of the intermediate topics on the website is “A store thatwelcomes competition”.

Apple said there is no monopoly under the title and welcomes competition, adding that its apps and third-party apps are positioned together in the store. Last April, we told you that Apple was waging a war on third-party screen time and parental control apps.

Following the revelation, Kidslox and Qustodio apps, which were removed from the App Store, took the matter to the European Union and filed a lawsuit against Apple. After Kidslox and Qustodio, Spotify also complained about Apple, triggering the release of a new website for the App Store.

The main reason Apple has been accused of monopoly is because the company has apps in areas such as messaging, music, screen time, parental control, email and maps, and third-floor media. To be in competition with party apps. According to Spotify,Apple encourages users to download its own online music service, the Apple Music app, instead of Spotify. We will provide you with details about the european union’s investigation.

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