Apple is working on a new tile-like location tracking technology

We’ve talkedto you before about tile,a smart tracking device that allows you to find lost items. MacRumorsshared a report that new information has emerged in the codes of the iOS 13 operating system. According to our information, Appleis working on a tile-like location tracking technology.

Let’s also note that apple’s new “Find My” was announced last June. Since the announcement of the app, rumors had surfaced that Apple was working on a new location tracking technology.

Inside the iOS 13 codes examined, a circular tag, or tag image with the Apple logo in the middle, was found. Let’s also note that there is also a new tab called “Items” for the Find My app, which is probably expected to be used to track tags.

According to shared information, Apple’s location tracking tags are encoded under the name B389. Let’s add that these labels will work in an integrated manner with the Find My app. According to the information generated by the code, if the user moves away from the tracking tags, they will receive a notification through the Find My app.

If the item on the label is lost, the label will switch to lost and lost mode. If another iPhone owner passes near the item, this will be sent as a notification to the user who owns the lost item.

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