Apple gets a patent to eliminate blind spots in cars

We have mentioned earlier that Apple,one of the most important brands in the technology world, is working on driverless cars. Last January, we told you that Apple may have terminated its driverless car project, Project Titan.

In recent months, news has been reported that Apple has recruited executives from companies such as Tesla and Google to work on driverless cars and have experience on the subject. According to Reuters, 1,200 people are currently working for Project Titan. Another piece of information about Project Titan is that Apple tested 80,128,000 km in the United States last year.

In short, Apple continues to work on driverless cars. According to a report patently shared today by Apple, Apple has received a new patent for driverless cars. The patent aims to eliminate blind spots in cars.

The patent plans to improve the functionality of the car’s side mirrors. The patent is designed to be used in both traditional and driverless cars. Thanks to the cameras, the images in the side mirrors will be transmitted so that the driver can see them.

That way, the blind spots will be eliminated. With the technology Apple will introduce, let’s add that side mirrors can move while driving. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo,renowned for his accurate predictions about Apple, shares that the Apple Car, which is expected to become Apple’s driverless car, could be introduced in 20232025.

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