Apple can bundle Apple Music and Apple TV Plus services

We told you that the Apple TV Plus service was introduced with an event held last March. Apple TV Plus, which has emerged as Apple’s Netflix and Amazon Prime rival service, is not yet available.

Although the service has not yet been available, Appleis working on how to market it. According to a Financial Times report by Anna Nicolaou and Patrick McGee today, Appleaims to offer Apple TV Plus in a package with its music service, Apple Music.

According to shared information, Apple has already begun talks with the music industry for the Apple Music and Apple TV Plus package. As a reminder, Apple Music has a monthly fee of $10 in the United States. If you buy one of the iPhone, iPad or Mac models, you can use Apple Music for free for 1 year.

The Apple TV Plus service, which will be available on November 1, has a monthly fee of $5. In short, the total cost of the two services comes to $15 per month. Although no information about the cost of the package to be made is shared, it is logically required to have a fee of less than $15.

Let’s add that apple has not made any statements at this time. According to the Financial Times report, the music industry is the biggest obstacle to the implementation of the Apple Music and Apple TV Plus package. Apple’s negotiating companies are afraid of losing revenue due to the deal and package. We will tell you about the developments on the subject.

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