App Store launches a special episode for Turkey titled “New and Domestic ??”

As the application economy and developer ecosystem in Turkey continue to grow day by day, the App Store has launched a special section to support app developers in our country.

The App Store, which wants to celebrate the prominent capabilities of the app ecosystem that is growing in Turkey on October 29, Republic Day, is starting to offer the attention of users from today in the “New and domestic ??” section dedicated to Turkey.

Let’s note that so far, the App Store offers daily and updated app recommendations on its platform to support native app developers. it also supports developers with developer stories and recommendation lists for different needs that describe the App Store’s apps and processes.

Today’s tab will be published regularly every month in the series of “New and domestic ??” the best domestic games and applications will be featured, while the attention-grabbing updates will be highlighted and the stories that inspire the world will be shared with readers.

In the first article of the series, which will be published on Republic Day on October 29, the first completely Turkish meditation and awareness application meditation, moi, the social story editor who stimulates users’ shares, The adventure game Director: Xenite, which extends beyond space, and Turkcell TV+, a revamped broadcast ingress platform that is installed on the App Store radar with programs that can be watched by all members of the family, are under the spotlight.

If you want to explore the “New and Native ??” series, you can visit the App Store on both desktop and mobile.

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