Annotated Knitting Peanut Wrap Model

For the ladies who want to make a summer wrap, we shared the making of a knitted peanut wrap model. The video of the construction of the triangular pistachio horse is on our site.

Would you like to make a shawl that you can use in summer? And crochet. If you know knitting and you are familiar with crochet, you can easily make your own shawl. You can make a pistachio wrap and use it in summer using Alize, Angora rope and crochet.

Fiber rope was used to make a pistachio shawl that was broadcast on Leyla’s knitting world channel. As you can see in the video, the shawl model looks very stylish. You can make this shawl model in your spare time to yourself or your loved ones.

Ms. Leyla used number five crochet to make this scar. We can say that it is one of the most beautiful models of crochet shawl models.

Örgü Fıstıklı Şal

You can also take a look at the model if you want to knit more while you have it in your hand.


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