Android creator Andy Rubin shared a new generation phone from his company Essential

Android creator Andy Rubin, who left Google after sexual harassment allegations, has been working on a new device for some time. Rubin, who continues his career as CEO of device manufacturer Essential, shared a tweet yesterday and shared images of the new smartphone his company is producing.

This new device, shared by Rubin, will be essential’s first smartphone to launch in two years. At this point, let’s remind you that the company has removed the second model that it will launch a year ago and laid off 30 percent of its employees.

While Essential’s new mobile device is long and thin, Rubin says the device will have a new and different user interface. Given that Andy Rubin broke his silence on social networks for the first time following the accusations directed at him, he is very excited about this new product to be released.

Rubin, who has not shared the release date or name of the device at the time, shared photos and videos of the device, saying, “”The new user interface for radically different formfactors.”

This new mobile device, reminiscent of the iPod Nano, has a large camera on the back. Looking at the shared video, the device has four different metallic rear covers, which have the ability to change color.

Essential spokeswoman Shari Doherty confirmed that they were working on a device that is in the early stages of testing, adding that they would share details in the future.


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