Android creator Andy Rubin couldn’t do it on hardware: $330 million was not enough for the investment

In May 2017, we revealed that AndyRubin,the creator of Android,one of the world’s most used operating systems, came up with his new smartphone called Essential Phone. The Essential brand, which sold quite little and never achieved the expected success, came to the end of the road. 

According to shared information, Essential closed about 3 years after introducing its first smartphone. Founded by Andy Rubin with a huge investment, Essential was a huge thrill because he was the creator of Google behind it. Founded with an investment of $330 million, Essential announced when it reached a valuation of $1 billion.

To remind you, Essential also announced that it will produce products such as a new smartphone, smart home assistant and a new operating system followingthe Essential Phone. With the company’s closure, it has been finalized that these products will not appear.

Andy Rubin, who left Google in 2014, also announced that he would accelerate hardware initiatives with an investment of $48 millionin 2015. Rubin, who later founded Essential, unveiled the Essential Phone, one of the first smartphone models with a notch design.

Essential Phone, which has emerged as a very interesting smartphone thanks to its notch design and modular structure, never achieved the sales success it expected, although it was exciting. The end of the Essential brand seems to have brought the failure of the Essential Phone. Andy Rubin, one of the most important figures in the technology world, is curious about how to continue on the road.

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