An artist named Simon Weckert tricked Google Maps with 99 smartphones

Google,one of the world’s most widely used map services, also offers navigation services to its users. Google Maps,which shares traffic status information along with the navigation service, was tricked by an artist named Simon Weckert, who lives in Germany.

Simon Weckert, who roamed the streets of Berlin with 99 smartphones, created fake traffic jams in the streets where he crossed. Google Maps, which detects 99 smartphones passing through roads at the same time, perceived them as tools and painted them red, which means traffic jams on the map.

In short, the streetsof Berlin, which have no vehicles other than Simon Weckert and 99 smartphones, appeared to be red-level traffic jams on Google Maps. Weckert, who also shared his attempt to trick Google Maps as a video via YouTube, fooled tech giant Google with a rather simple technique. The video shared by Simon Weckert is available below.

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