Alphabet’s latest quarter revenue fell short of expectations

Google’s parent company Alphabet fell short of expectations with its earnings report, but it said it was not able to meet the number of people who had been able to do so. For the first time, he shared information about YouTube and Cloud Services in a earnings report. According to the earnings report; Alphabet generated $46.08 billion in revenue in the fourth quarter. At this point, analysts’ expectation sits at $46.93 billion.

Operating revenue surged to $9.3 billion, indicating the company’s earnings from central products such as exploration. And this is the one that’s going to be The analysts’ consensus remained below the $9.9 billion in revenue. As a result of these results, we will not be able to 9 in the company’s 10 quarters. once you can’t live up to expectations.

Nevertheless, the company was able to make investors happy by reporting on revenue from YouTube revenues and cloud services, which investors and analysts have been eagerly awaiting. According to figures released by Alphabet, YouTube generated $4.7 billion in revenue in the fourth quarter. The company’s cloud services earned $2.6 billion in the fourth quarter. At this point, let’s add that the company has grown rapidly in the field of YouTube and Cloud services.

The report could be related to The Sundar Pichai’s appointment as CEO of Alphabet in November. If you recall, Google’s Co-founders Sergei Brin and Larry Page handed over their duties to Pichai, who has served as Ceo of Google since 2015.

Alphabet’s investor interview was also streamed live on YouTube below.

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