Alibaba set up supply platform against Corona virus

Alibaba Group announced today that it has set up a Global Direct Supply Platform to slow the spread of the Corona virus in China, allowing medical product suppliers to meet with medical personnel in China.

The “Global Direct Procurement Platform” will allow transparent and efficient use of a $142.8 million fund. Two days after wuhan, the city where the virus was spread, was quarantined, and the purpose of the fund, created on January 25th, is to provide the necessary medical products to medical personnel in Wuhan and other cities affected by the outbreak.

Alibaba provides the medical products needed based on information collected from hospitals and local governments on the platform, which acts as a bridge with both large wholesalers and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The platform has access to the features, model and quantity of protective masks, medical protective clothing, medical protective glasses, medical gloves and other medical preservatives. Suppliers can share information about the products they want to offer on the platform.

Alibaba will begin the procurement process after confirming supplier information and determining the suitability of the products. The products purchased through this platform will be transferred to hospitals in order of priority and need. Focusing on supplying the medical products needed quickly and safely, Alibaba is working with global logistics partners to deliver efficient and fast shipping solutions.

In fact, Alibaba’s logistics company Cainiao reported that it has commissioned the “Green Line” initiative for facilitated shipping, service and delivery solutions by working with business partners in China and many parts of the world. As of February 3rd, Alibaba delivered medical products from 15 countries and regions to 18 hospitals in the Hubei, Zhejiang and Anhui regions, including those they have purchased and donated.

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